«Stay Informed +» service
Stay informed about who called you! Receive voice messages left while you were out of reach or did not answer the phone.

Use the “Stay Informed +” service if you would like the caller to leave a voice message for you while you are out of reach or can not answer the phone.

With the “Stay Informed +” service connected, the caller will hear a message saying that you are out of reach or can not answer the phone, and will be offered a chance leave a message. You can play back the message by dialing a short number sent to you via SMS. If the caller did not leave a message, you will receive an SMS with information about the missed call.

This service does not require any additional setup.

Connection fee
0 Rub.
Fixed user fee if the pre-paid service system is used
0,5 Rub. per day
Fixed user fee if the post-payment system is used
0 Rub. per month
Message playback
Rate of outgoing calls according to your tariff plan
Message recording
Caller pays for message recording at the rate of outgoing calls according to his/her tariff plan
service connection and management
To connect the service, enter
To connect the service, dial
0674 0 1061
To disconnect the service, enter
To disconnect the service, dial
0674 0 1062
To play back the message, dial
service conditions
message storage duration (played back / non played back) from the time of recording
1 day
Maximum duration of voice message
40 sec.
Maximum number of messages for one user per day (messages deleted upon expiry of the day)
Amount of time when message recording begins if you do not answer the phone
in 30 sec.
Service is available in the domestic network and in intranet roaming.
Service is unavailable while roaming internationally.